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A safer clean

High chair straps. How often do you think about the cleanliness of them? You wipe them down when they get drooled on, but I'll bet if you're like me, you usually place the bib over them to avoid getting them dirty. So you rest fairly well assured that they're clean when you give them a… Continue reading A safer clean

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I'm going to be reading Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and putting it into practice soon. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but after a peaceful week at a simple beach house, I was pushed over the edge from "want to" into "let's get it done already". We came home… Continue reading Simplifying 

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Naturally dyed Easter eggs

Easter Sunday is just two days away, and today Big Brother and I checked to see on the eggs we dyed overnight. I tried it two years ago and was a little disappointed with the results. This time, I feel better about my method and three of the five colors we did (I know how… Continue reading Naturally dyed Easter eggs

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Diffusing essential oils

One of my favorite ways to use my essential oils is to diffuse them throughout our home. We have a few diffusers, all of which are ultrasonic. This is important, because heating the oils will damage them, making them less therapeutic (though they will still smell good). Young Living has many wonderful diffuser options, even… Continue reading Diffusing essential oils

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Wellness arsenal extras

Okay, here are some oils (and products) I keep on hand in addition to the Golden Touch collection. I am doing my inventory of what's low and in need of replenishment now ahead of the germy season so my family will be well supported and hopefully avoid most of the nasty stuff! Oils: Oregano, Rosemary,… Continue reading Wellness arsenal extras

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Look ma, no toxins!

Our home is clean, but you will never smell the usual cleaning products lingering in the air. You will never find chemical residue on my countertops or tubs. Our toothpastes do not sport poison warnings on the label (none needed!), even our multi-purpose cleaner is safe. The bubbles in my cleaning routine do not "scrub",… Continue reading Look ma, no toxins!