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Some days are stroller days 

When dealing with autoimmunity, balance is pretty important. You don't want to overdo your exercise, but that's not an excuse to just let it go. Today was a stroller day. I love wearing my little one close and try to do it as often as I can, but I also recognize the fact that it… Continue reading Some days are stroller days 

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Making my own sunshine

Happy first of May, everyone! I was feeling a little sluggish due to some cloudy weather and a "mostly cloudy, some rain" forecast for the week, so I'm making up for it with a can-do attitude and some cheerful essential oils in the diffuser. Nothing is getting me down this week! Here's what's on tap… Continue reading Making my own sunshine

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My little healer

A conversation Big Brother and I had today: B: Mama, what are those? (Touches my lower earlobes.) M: Those are holes for earrings. B: If someone pulled on them, they would rip out and hurt you. M: Yes. You remember when I explained that to you a while ago? B: Yes. And you would bleed.… Continue reading My little healer

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Early to rise

My boys are early risers. They generally wake between six and seven every morning, and the day is "go, go, go" from then. Big Brother and I are breakfast people. My husband, not so much (though he does drink some NingXia Red). I really enjoy the ritual of breaking the fast with some eggs and… Continue reading Early to rise