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4-year-old + toilet = ?

Well, today was a day. Big Brother decided to unroll an entire roll of toilet paper and shove it into the toilet, just so he could have the tube to play with. Then he tried to flush. And then he decided to try plunging to see if that would help. “A” for effort, buddy. He came out of the bathroom and said “Mama, I tried to plunge the toilet. I tried three times…and it didn’t work out very well.” which of course had me running to assess the damage. All in all, it wasn’t too bad. We are down the whole roll of toilet paper, but I was able to get it all out without a problem…and at least it wasn’t a clogged poopy toilet. Ha! I grabbed my Stress Away essential oil blend and took a few deep breaths.

The morning had started off nicely. We woke up to a beautiful snowfall and went outside to play in it for a bit. Little Brother and I were toasty warm in our new babywearing coat (post coming on that soon!) and Big Brother had a grand time romping around, making snow angels. It was too fluffy to make a snowman, though he tried valiantly.

By naptime, Little Brother was acting more tired than I expected, and he was drooling a bit and moaning a little. Ah, teething. Now I’m ready to go to bed and I’ve been up and down nursing him through naps all day. Big Brother had cabin fever (or something) and was high energy throughout all of this, which wore my patience down. My husband worked part of the day and then did our Christmas shopping, so that was helpful because those things are done, but not helpful because I was getting pretty frustrated by the time he got home. I got nothing done aside from comforting the baby. (Which of course is the most important thing in times like this!)

So here’s hoping tomorrow is better in terms of things being done and people being jolly! I’ll leave you with a picture of our tabletop Christmas tree, which we have in lieu of something on the floor that the baby can get into trouble with.

A fun way to use empty oil bottles!

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