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Weekend adventure

We spent the weekend at Cape Cod with my father-in-law, and it was much wetter and windier than expected due to Matthew passing by, so with the exception of the evening we arrived, we were cooped inside. That evening was spent having a quick picnic dinner on the beach near a big bonfire supervised by… Continue reading Weekend adventure

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More of my thyroid story

We do not use fluoride in our home. None in the toothpaste, none in the mouthwash, none for the kids, and never in our water. But this is not how it always was in my life. The first few years of my life were spent in Maryland, and unless I'm mistaken, we did not have… Continue reading More of my thyroid story

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Diffusing essential oils

One of my favorite ways to use my essential oils is to diffuse them throughout our home. We have a few diffusers, all of which are ultrasonic. This is important, because heating the oils will damage them, making them less therapeutic (though they will still smell good). Young Living has many wonderful diffuser options, even… Continue reading Diffusing essential oils