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Essential oils for Disney trips

  No, the Bouchers are not doing Disney just yet - the boys are still too young to properly enjoy it (you can look forward to a post or three when we do finally get ourselves there). But if you love Disney and are planning a visit to the magic kingdom, I have some tips… Continue reading Essential oils for Disney trips

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Whole 30 – final days

Here we are near the end of our Whole 30 journey, and while it's been a good experience overall, I must admit we timed it poorly. Next year, we will do it from January second through the thirty-first. We had to endure our style being cramped for Super Bowl snacks (bothered my husband more than… Continue reading Whole 30 – final days


Knit all the things!

Woohoo, the year is fresh and I am motivated! I mentioned knitting gifts throughout the year, and I began preparing for this by adding several patterns to my queue on Ravelry (lovely knitting and crocheting community website) last night. I'm looking forward to sharing my progress as the year passes, and ticking gifts off my list well… Continue reading Knit all the things!

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Wellness arsenal extras

Okay, here are some oils (and products) I keep on hand in addition to the Golden Touch collection. I am doing my inventory of what's low and in need of replenishment now ahead of the germy season so my family will be well supported and hopefully avoid most of the nasty stuff! Oils: Oregano, Rosemary,… Continue reading Wellness arsenal extras

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Stocking up the wellness arsenal

The Golden Touch 1 collection. I love this box of goodies! Here's what comes in it and how they are wonderfully beneficial...   First up, DiGize! This blend is of Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Anise, Patchouli, and Lemongrass is all about your digestive system. This is important, folks, because as we all know that… Continue reading Stocking up the wellness arsenal