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Winter prep


It’s August, and I’ve just pulled my knitting box out of the closet. Why? I’m hoping to avoid the stress and headaches I’ve endured the past two times I’ve made knitted gifts for Christmas. Yes, I gave myself headaches by knitting too much, too close to the holiday. But no more! This year, I am getting ready now and will begin my projects  before the end of the month. My goal is to be finished by Thanksgiving, so I have December free from gift stress.

I’m actually feeling inspired to get things made because the evenings are getting cool and the mornings are crisp once more. Big Brother usually likes to run around in just his underwear during the hot months, but this morning, he asked me to help him because he felt cold. So I shall begin searching for knitting patterns to whip up. I know I want to make the boys matching hats or something else cute while they are young enough to let me coordinate their outfits that way.

I would love to try making some fun amigurumi, but my crochet skills are not yet equal to that task. I do love the aesthetic of such toys, and have been working through the plethora of toys that have come into our home in the past three and a half years to weed out the plastic stuff I have no desire to see cluttering our space. I’m trying to teach Big Brother about having a few good quality things instead of a ton of junk that will break easily and become garbage. We have conversations about donating toys that are in good condition so other children can enjoy them, and why he doesn’t need to have ten thousand different toys sitting around, waiting to be played with. He’s still young for some of these concepts, but is learning, and I know its important to teach him now and not wait until later.

So that’s the plan for the next week or so: prep for knitting, sort out toys, sort out clothes while switching out our summer things into the cool-weather ones. Do you have an autumn routine? People often talk about spring cleaning, but I think a good autumn sort-out is also very cleansing.


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