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Essential oils for Disney trips

  No, the Bouchers are not doing Disney just yet - the boys are still too young to properly enjoy it (you can look forward to a post or three when we do finally get ourselves there). But if you love Disney and are planning a visit to the magic kingdom, I have some tips… Continue reading Essential oils for Disney trips

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Whole 30 (ish)

My husband and I are gearing up to do Whole 30 from the middle of this month through the middle of February. We've never done this before but it's not too far off from the way I eat normally, just more restricted for a little while. No, we aren't buying the book and all that… Continue reading Whole 30 (ish)

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Stay tuned…

Well, sickness hit us again. This time it was a stomach bug of some sort. I'm very thankful for Digize, Peppermint, Purification, Thieves, and Lemon right now. Unfortunately, this little bout of nasty really knocked me out for a couple of days, and has slowly made the rounds. The aforementioned oils were applied to belly buttons, feet, diffused, and in… Continue reading Stay tuned…

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Wellness arsenal extras

Okay, here are some oils (and products) I keep on hand in addition to the Golden Touch collection. I am doing my inventory of what's low and in need of replenishment now ahead of the germy season so my family will be well supported and hopefully avoid most of the nasty stuff! Oils: Oregano, Rosemary,… Continue reading Wellness arsenal extras

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Above the wellness line

Well, the past week certainly got away from me. I caught whatever the boys had, and my body succumbed basically the morning after I thought to myself that they seemed out of the woods. It's easy to slack off just enough in your self-care that once your ailing child/spouse/loved one is better, your own body… Continue reading Above the wellness line