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Officially Summer

We unpacked the ice cream machine yesterday. Two batches have been made, both dairy-free, one egg-free (and of course both gluten-free, as goes with everything here). I got both recipes from Danielle Walker's first cookbook, Against All Grain. You can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, along with her other two wonderful cookbooks. … Continue reading Officially Summer

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Naturally dyed Easter eggs

Easter Sunday is just two days away, and today Big Brother and I checked to see on the eggs we dyed overnight. I tried it two years ago and was a little disappointed with the results. This time, I feel better about my method and three of the five colors we did (I know how… Continue reading Naturally dyed Easter eggs

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Early to rise

My boys are early risers. They generally wake between six and seven every morning, and the day is "go, go, go" from then. Big Brother and I are breakfast people. My husband, not so much (though he does drink some NingXia Red). I really enjoy the ritual of breaking the fast with some eggs and… Continue reading Early to rise