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Tempus fugit

Well here I am again, after quite a long spell away from the blog. We have been busy moving recently, plus I continue to put the kids first, so the writing just hasn’t been happening! I have been posting over at Instagram and keeping the Facebook page (fairly) updated. But mostly I have been admiring the moms who do blog while homeschooling, working, etc. because though I have a lot to say, my silly brain always picks the wrong time to compose those thoughts (while washing dishes, taking the boys for a walk, cleaning, or other times when I can’t easily jot things down for later) and I end up forgetting to get those thoughts posted here.


A recent mess-free activity for the boys was tempera paint in baggies taped to the sliding door. They could smash the blobs of primary colors to mix into secondary colors, and the sunlight made them very pretty (though this picture doesn’t really portray that aspect).

This move has really gotten under my skin. We have moved a lot in the past four years, and each time we have purged unnecessary accumulated “stuff”. But as I was carting both boys back and forth between the old and new places with daily loads of boxes last week (luckily it’s just a 15 minute drive), I felt a weight on my shoulders from the stuff we have managed to accumulate this time. So I’m going to spend the month of April doing a Spring Purge! I can’t wait to get things pared down to what we truly need and enjoy. Why don’t you join me? I’m obviously going to incorporate spring cleaning as well, because it’s the time of year for that too! I’ll be updating with my progress when I have spare moments. And I have an end-of-the-month giveaway idea brewing, so stay tuned!

Pro tip: when moving, set up the kids’ toys first so they are distracted while you get things done! Photobomb by Little Brother.

In case you are curious about the toys above – teepee by French Bull; dinosaur, sorting barn and color sorter by Melissa and Doug; book sling shelf by Kid Craft; foam sword and play silks by Sarah’s Silks; wooden stacking train by Orange Tree Toys; ballyhoo ball and giraffe maracas by Battat; the basket holds Mega Blocks; and the pelican was handmade by my momma.


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