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I’m going to be reading Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and putting it into practice soon. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but after a peaceful week at a simple beach house, I was pushed over the edge from “want to” into “let’s get it done already”. We came home and the boys’ plethora of toys (honestly, compared to some kids it’s not bad) put my stress level way back up. Am I the only mama who feels this way? I’m sure I am not. 

Their corner with some “stuff” already removed.

The amount of stuff that we are told children need these days is just nutty. I am not saying they shouldn’t have some playthings – but if my 4-year-old and I are getting into nightly battles about tidying his mess up, there’s a problem…and it’s not the fact that I want him to pick up after himself.

I had been debating whether the issue was too much stuff or disorganization, but (1) we don’t have the budget for the system I love, and (2) I don’t believe a room has to be perfect for it to work. We can put things into bins and line them up along the wall for now. A 4-year-old can remember what goes into which bin and line things up. 

I began folding clothes the “konmari” way and found it to be actually soothing to do and to see in our drawers. Not to mention it makes for an impeccably packed suitcase (I should have taken a picture of that). On to sorting our stuff now! I’m looking forward to keeping just the joyful things and making a nice pile of the rest for the Salvation Army. 

I’m feeling less stressed just thinking about it! What sort of organization works for your family? Are you in the “less is more” camp? 


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