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Sunday dinners

We live with my mother-in-law right now, and Sunday evenings is when we all eat dinner together. My husband likes to cook, and it's always delicious...but tonight he actually did a themed dinner!  We ate outside, one of the lovely bonuses of summertime. There's something special about fresh air, good food, and being with family.… Continue reading Sunday dinners

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Officially Summer

We unpacked the ice cream machine yesterday. Two batches have been made, both dairy-free, one egg-free (and of course both gluten-free, as goes with everything here). I got both recipes from Danielle Walker's first cookbook, Against All Grain. You can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, along with her other two wonderful cookbooks. … Continue reading Officially Summer

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What I’ve Been Up To

December is a pretty busy month for many people, the Bouchers included. We have multiple family birthdays (one of us, and several relatives) and Christmas (and all of the associated preparations). I tend to knit like a fiend during the fall and December, and since going gluten-free, I have developed the habit of testing recipes… Continue reading What I’ve Been Up To

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Healthy habits

It can be so easy this time of year to lose track of your wellness regimen. You start off strong, with all the best intentions to keep ahead of the germs that get passed around, and to restrain yourself from overindulgence when holiday treats abound. But all too often, the comforts of past habits sneak… Continue reading Healthy habits

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Early to rise

My boys are early risers. They generally wake between six and seven every morning, and the day is "go, go, go" from then. Big Brother and I are breakfast people. My husband, not so much (though he does drink some NingXia Red). I really enjoy the ritual of breaking the fast with some eggs and… Continue reading Early to rise

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Big Brother requested waffles this morning, which I was happy to make with something from our latest Essential Rewards shipment: Young Living's new Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle mix. I'm also dairy-free right now as Little Brother can't tolerate it in my breast milk, so I had to use water (fresh out of alternatives)...they came… Continue reading Wafflicious