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Look ma, no toxins!

Our home is clean, but you will never smell the usual cleaning products lingering in the air. You will never find chemical residue on my countertops or tubs. Our toothpastes do not sport poison warnings on the label (none needed!), even our multi-purpose cleaner is safe. The bubbles in my cleaning routine do not “scrub”, nor does my toilet smell inexplicably like a pine tree. But I don’t mind the smells I once knew so well being absent from our home. In fact, I sleep better knowing my children are breathing fresh air even while I’m actively cleaning.

So what do I use in my toxin-free home? I don’t mind DIY, so some homemade recipes and some Young Living products. Thieves Houshold Cleaner is a staple here, along with white vinegar, baking soda, Lemon essential oil, and occasionally hydrogen peroxide if I feel the need to whiten the bathroom sinks and tubs. KidScents toothpaste for Big Brother, Thieves Aromabright toothpaste for myself and my husband, Thieves Mouthwash, homemade essential oil infused bath salts and bubbles, Thieves fruit and veggie soak for our produce, Thieves bar soap and waterless hand purifier, Young Living bath and shower gels (Morning Start is awesome).

Whew! So let’s take a look at Thieves Household Cleaner since I use it for everything and it’s incredibly versatile. Dilution ratios are right on the label so there’s no guesswork, and it is very concentrated so a bottle of it lasts quite a while, even for our family of four (one of whom is a messy three-year-old). I use it as a glass cleaner, spot treatment, laundry booster, carpet cleaner, and bathroom cleaner. I have cleaned some sadly neglected leather car upholstery with it, and I even use it on our tan leather living room furniture. This stuff is amazing, and it smells wonderful. Sometimes I add a drop of Lemon essential oil. Sometimes I make a paste with it and baking soda to deep clean sinks and tubs. I don’t have granite counters, but I know many people who use it on theirs with beautiful results. I love that I can rest easy knowing this one product can do so much good with no bad odors or nasty residue to speak of. Not to mention the simplicity of having one bottle under the sink instead of many to sort through when you need something.

Three cheers for keeping chemicals away from my loved ones!



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