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Breastfeeding joys

I'm about to talk about breastfeeding. If this bothers you, please read one of my past posts or go check out another blog. I won't hold it against you.  It's 11:30 pm and I am feeling very happy right now. After a long day of travel for a family wedding (7 hours in the car,… Continue reading Breastfeeding joys

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This happens to me sometimes. Much less frequently these days, but still...I have found myself having difficulty falling asleep the past few days, especially tonight. Perhaps it's time to get my thyroid levels looked at. Perhaps I'm just a chronic over-thinker. In any case, I was lying in bed with my boys on either side… Continue reading Insomnia?

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Healthy New Year!

I'm not big on "New Year's Resolutions". I do love goal-setting, and for me it's a much more practical way to view the upcoming year. I enjoy making lists (which is a coping mechanism because I tend to forget things) and writing down my goals, because it helps to keep myself accountable and motivated. So… Continue reading Healthy New Year!

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Let them eat [milk]!

I'm not a fan of the catchphrase "breast is best!" being shouted from the rooftops by people who think babies should only be fed breastmilk. It perpetuates the polarization of mothers: breastmilk vs formula, instead of just supporting one another in parenthood, which is a tough enough job to begin with. That being said, I… Continue reading Let them eat [milk]!

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Destruction and Peace

"Do you like this wall, Mama? If you take a picture of it, can I knock it down?" I have made it clear not to knock things down immediately after we finish building them (the better to appreciate our handiwork). Though apparently if I take a picture, that idea is moot. I understand that kids like to… Continue reading Destruction and Peace