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Child’s play

Big Brother enjoys playing with swords. Soft of course, but swords (and light sabers) are a very big hit right now. As we were playing today, I got both of his legs in one go because he let his focus wander. "Oh no, I've chopped your legs off! Whatever will you do?!" I exclaim. "I… Continue reading Child’s play

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My little healer

A conversation Big Brother and I had today: B: Mama, what are those? (Touches my lower earlobes.) M: Those are holes for earrings. B: If someone pulled on them, they would rip out and hurt you. M: Yes. You remember when I explained that to you a while ago? B: Yes. And you would bleed.… Continue reading My little healer

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Destruction and Peace

"Do you like this wall, Mama? If you take a picture of it, can I knock it down?" I have made it clear not to knock things down immediately after we finish building them (the better to appreciate our handiwork). Though apparently if I take a picture, that idea is moot. I understand that kids like to… Continue reading Destruction and Peace

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Manger ces poissons!

Big Brother really makes me laugh. The other day, he approached me with a handful of triangle Magnatiles, asked "Would you like some pizza?" and immediately answered for me "Sure you would! It's fish pizza!" I like to encourage creativity in all forms, so I just said "Oh wow, fish pizza!" and his face lit up… Continue reading Manger ces poissons!