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A safer clean

High chair straps. How often do you think about the cleanliness of them? You wipe them down when they get drooled on, but I’ll bet if you’re like me, you usually place the bib over them to avoid getting them dirty. So you rest fairly well assured that they’re clean when you give them a good wipe or rinse after your little one spills. 

Nope. Those suckers need to be soaked every once in a while to really get them clean. I just did this with ours the other day, and let me share with you for a minute about that.


I put about half a capful of Thieves household cleaner in the bowl and filled it with water, then pulled the straps off our high chair and soaked them overnight. I was pretty disgusted when I saw this nasty water in the morning! 

Fresh and clean without harsh toxic chemicals!

I’m so glad I have a safe, non-toxic cleaner to use on these (and the rest of the chair) because I often put Little Brother in without a shirt on during the summer, and the straps rest right against his skin. 

Thieves household cleaner is a great-smelling, plant-based, concentrated cleaner. We use it in place of multipurpose cleaner, glass cleaner, even as a laundry stain treatment. One bottle has lasted me an entire year! You can’t beat that value.


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