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Teething blues

It’s amazing how different each child is from the next. This is our second teething baby (toddler, at this point, but I’m in denial) and how different it is! Big Brother was fairly peaceful about it; a little Camilia and his amber necklace was generally all he needed. 

Little Brother…well, he seems to have a few coming in together right now and is drooling, grouchy, and snotty all the time, which is his general teething routine. He also runs a fever for a night when he has new teeth coming in. Fun! (Side note: he was a bit too curious when I tried the necklace on him a few months ago, so I’ll be trying again to see if he leaves it alone now.)

These are so handy to keep in your purse.

Enter my oils! I must admit it took a little trial-and-error to figure out which ones he needed (which you know – if you’ve been following along – is normal). Some nights a bit of Copaiba in carrier oil along his jaw line does the trick, but the other night it took me a couple of hours to find just the right thing. And it happened to be TummyGize! 

I had tried our usual teething standbys and was diffusing Gentle Baby, but nothing was helping. I was feeling quite unwanted because he wouldn’t let me hold him to comfort him or even rub his back, which he usually likes. He also wasn’t interested in nursing, which he usually does at bedtime. I sent my husband to sleep on the spare bed because I was afraid he would lose too much sleep to the wailing and be tired at work. Big Brother amazingly slept through it up until that point, and we were all at a loss for what to do. 

When the idea finally came to me, I was surprised and felt awful that it hadn’t occurred to me sooner – he was behaving like he had belly gas, not just irritability. I was so focused on teething being the main issue that the discomfort all looked the same to me. I put TummyGize on his belly, rubbing it clockwise (the direction of your digestive tract) and on the soles of his feet where the large intestine vitaflex points are. I picked him up and started to pat his bum, as I generally do to calm him, and after about 5 minutes of the pat-and-bounce routine, he let it all out! Last night I diffused Peace & Calming and that was enough.

I do recall the only time Big Brother had an issue with teething: his two-year-old molars all came in on the same day. Poor baby was begging me for daddy to come home early from work, but it wasn’t a day that he could. And while I was on the phone with my husband that day, he was actually the one with the winning idea. “Have you tried diluted Clove [vitality]?” Boom. That time, since I was treating a 2.5-year-old instead of a sixteen-month-old, I used the oil (yes, definitely diluted) on his gums instead of his jawline, and the effect was almost immediate. Relief!

Have any of you used Young Living oils to help soothe a little one in distress? Share your story! 

PS – Like my purple oil case? I got it in my convention swag bag last year! I’m super bummed I’m not able to go next week, but you bet I’ll be there next June!


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