Internal ramblings, Slightly random


This happens to me sometimes. Much less frequently these days, but still…I have found myself having difficulty falling asleep the past few days, especially tonight. Perhaps it’s time to get my thyroid levels looked at. Perhaps I’m just a chronic over-thinker. In any case, I was lying in bed with my boys on either side of me, listening to their breathing/sleep sounds just a few moments ago and while I was really trying to join them in blissful relaxation, I couldn’t. So I got up to get the thoughts out and calm my brain.

I am a list-maker. A note-jotter. I unfortunately have a habit that is bad for trees; I do my best thinking with a pad of actual paper at hand and a pen or pencil to scribble and cross-out, etc. Tonight, I’m trying to avoid wasting paper, so I sit at this screen with f.lux helping to keep my melatonin production going. (In case you’re not familiar, f.lux is not a horrible bout of digestive distress – it’s a program that works with your computer to filter out blue light according to your schedule and the time of day in your part of the world. Pretty handy.) So what am I thinking about? All aboard my train of thought…

Shelving. Ikea. Kitchen organization. Spice racks. Essential oil storage. Essential oil use. Which ones I’ll wear tomorrow. Tomorrow’s schedule. What to bring. Wrap or Ergobaby? Stroller also (even if it just carries the diaper bag for me). Big Brother’s EO’s. Snacks for Little Brother. He’s eating so much! He seriously is eating the same as Big right now, if not more. Lunch tomorrow. Meal planning. Dinner tomorrow. And for the week. Schedules. Getting back on track. Homeschooling. Preparation. I can’t believe Big Brother will be five at the end of the year. I’ve got to clear out this moving mess. Packages coming soon. Oils on the way! What’s in my essential rewards for next month? I’m so glad Valor is back. I can’t wait to get my Feelings Kit. What should I bring to the beach? Need to make some blends for that. I love the beach house. Our anniversary is coming up! Five years, woah. He is such a great guy. I need to make sure he remembers his Ningxia Red tomorrow morning. So much to do.

To-do: clean bathrooms, put away folded laundry, remember the stroller, bring stuff to be exchanged, make meal plan, make packing list for beach vacation (figure out what we still need to get before that), hug the boys, read to them, take a walk so Big Brother can splash in the puddles with his new boots, call the endocrinologist’s office to make sure I have orders for blood work, get that done, this list is too long for one day, this is also becoming a train of thought, I need to read that Hashimoto’s protocol book, maybe I can try going back to sleep now.

Tomorrow will not be sunny. But my stroller will likely be in this situation while we are out with some friends, because Big Brother still gets tired legs sometimes (so I need to bring the stroller) and Little Brother and I love to snuggle. I think I’ll bring the wrap. [diaper bag by Pottery Barn]
Good night, internet.


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