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Essential oils for Disney trips


No, the Bouchers are not doing Disney just yet – the boys are still too young to properly enjoy it (you can look forward to a post or three when we do finally get ourselves there). But if you love Disney and are planning a visit to the magic kingdom, I have some tips for you! One of my wonderful mentors shared what she and her husband used on their recent trip, and it was too good not to pass along. I’ll share her photos and my input on some of the products they used. Click each photo to see it in better detail.

I would certainly be sure to bring my Thieves goodies. I keep them in the diaper bag anyway, and in a place that crowded they are indispensable. Both Disney parks are in locations that tend to be either warm or hot, and with all the walking you’ll be doing, you will be much happier with some Lavaderm and Peppermint to keep the situation fresh and cool. NingXia Red is one of my favorite ways to boost myself, and I never travel without these handy, portable packets. I generally take two packets per person, per day…even if we only each have one, it’s always great to have extras on hand.

Another must-have (all the time) is Lavender. This oil is incredibly versatile and soothing. I love to keep Carrot Seed oil and Myrrh in our arsenal as well, and these are all very beneficial to the skin. I tried some Zyng last summer at convention, and can definitely say that it’s refreshing and a very good healthy alternative to soda. Nitro is a favorite of mine for hectic days; I can’t see myself going to Disney without it. My favorite thing about Nitro? You don’t feel jittery from it – just energized and focused. I can also see why they brought Cool Azul and Deep Relief. All of the walking and standing in line and craning your neck around while trying to find people in a crowd can do a number on you, and at the end of the day, these two will have you feeling soothed and ready for the next adventure.

Ah, the joys of eating on vacation. I love how effective DiGize is when I need to support my digestive system. Speaking of, one of my favorite supplements for that system is Alkalime. Keeping your pH balanced is a good way to keep yourself feeling vibrant when dealing with something as stressful as a big vacation (we all know that vacation is rarely as relaxing as we plan for). As for the middle three oils, these are some of my favorites for my diffuser necklace when I am busy and want to keep myself in a good mood. I have actually even just opened the bottle to smell for a quick moment and refocus myself when I start to feel overwhelmed.

Who loves to have a nice personal scent, especially when you’re walking around a crowded place full of other people and their scents? Luckily, you don’t have to choose a toxin-filled spray. There are special oil blends formulated for men and women, which are actually beneficial as well as really nice-smelling! I also never leave home without my roller-topped EndoFlex. This is a special blend to me, as I love how it helps to support my dear endocrine system. I roll it on multiple times daily. I have never tried Rose Ointment, but people do rave about it. The Lavender Lip Balm, however…I keep several of these in various places so I’m never without. So soothing, so versatile. At the end of the day, you want to get some good rest so you have energy for the next day’s fun. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned how much I love Peace & Calming (definitely got a mention on Instagram, if not also here), and that plus Lavender is a great way to unwind.

So when all is said and done, I think they nailed it…bringing these along to Disney with them was certainly a good way to support their bodies to enjoy the trip to the fullest. I bring many of these along when we do vacations, and I can see most of them (plus some others, most likely) coming along when we get to visit the magic kingdom ourselves. Do you love Disney? Have you taken Young Living oils or products with you to help make the trip more successful? Please share any tips you may have so others can also enjoy an “oily” vacation!


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