Mother-Son Moment

I sit on the couch with Little Brother beside me, his small hand resting on my knee, warm and relaxed.  We are observing the goings-on outside our living room window together, and I quietly talk to him about what we see. He decides to crawl around the couch, back and forth under my supervisory gaze, stopping to sit upright and grin at me from time to time. We can hear Big Brother playing in his room with his “big kid toys”, but this moment is just ours. I lie on my side and he crawls over to rest on me, leaning his solid sweetness into my chest. I smell his hair and stroke his smooth, round cheek. He turns to look at me, and I can smell his milky baby breath as it warms my face. As his first birthday draws near, I find myself drinking these moments in, knowing that our bond will never be as simple as it is right now. He hears his brother coming into the room and scrambles off the couch, walks the five steps to the next piece of furniture by himself, and turns back to me with a triumphant smile lighting his face.


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