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Whole 30, day 2

Well, hubby and I began our #whole30 yesterday. It went off pretty well, but with one hitch – in the bustle of the morning, he only had a NingXia Red packet, carrots, and guacamole when he headed off to work. Needless to say, he came home ravenous. Luckily dinner was ready when he arrived, and I had made a compliant version of one of his favorite meals: roast chicken with steamed broccoli and mashed (white sweet) potatoes. I made sure to send him out with a lunch today.

I approached this 30-day reset with the mindset that it’s not too far off from how we have been eating, and for me it’s not difficult. Hubby was craving foods already, but is determined to stay on the wagon. I’m not making Big Brother participate with us, though he is already gluten-free and mostly grain-free,  so the biggest difference for him is that he’s allowed to eat cheese and yogurt, which I miss. Alas.

So I made a meal plan for the week, but for whatever reason I didn’t include a lot of slow-cooker recipes this week. Next week’s meal plan will be based on how this one goes. I didn’t pay for a subscription to a meal-planning service, but it was tempting. I’m not too fond of this part – it’s time-consuming!

Breakfast is much the same, but I had to search a bit for bacon without sugar added.

Next post will highlight Master Formula, Young Living’s full-spectrum multinutrient complex. I’m trying this during my Whole 30.


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