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Child’s play

Big Brother enjoys playing with swords. Soft of course, but swords (and light sabers) are a very big hit right now. As we were playing today, I got both of his legs in one go because he let his focus wander.

“Oh no, I’ve chopped your legs off! Whatever will you do?!” I exclaim.

“I will put healing salve and Lavender [essential oil] on them, and put a very large bandage, and they will be back on!”

Ha! Would that the world were that simple and easy, kid. I do love that he’s thinking of herbals and oils. It’s never too early to talk to children about how to keep their bodies supported and what might help when they aren’t feeling their best. We have been talking to Big Brother about nutrition, and we keep a running discussion about making good choices and how that affects us.

As he continued playing, moving on to coloring and cut-and-tape, I sat nearby with some knitting so I could assist with conflict resolution if they would need it. Little Brother is increasingly interested in what his pal is up to, and he loves to dive into the block castle/lunar rover/whatever is currently under construction. That move usually results in a rather vexed Big and an extremely pleased Little.

I love when Big Brother “cooks” things for us. Tonight, he used the colored pieces of his sorting clock as fruit and vegetables and enthusiastically proclaimed that he was chopping radishes to put on top of my salad. Ah, that sweet soul. Now they’re both asleep, and Mama is going to get to work on a new mug cozy! (See my latest ones over on Instagram @makewayforbouchers)


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