Snowy appreciation

Big Brother is on his first-ever skiing adventure with Daddy, Aunt K, and Grammie! While they bond on the bunny hill, Little Brother and I are holed up watching the snow fall. He really loves to gaze out the window at the wintry wonder, as do I. Something about it makes me feel appreciative of the blessings in my life.

My dad’s family is gathering from all over New England to celebrate Christmas today, but it’s a long drive for me to make with Little Brother by myself as he still doesn’t tolerate his car seat, so I am staying home with him this time. My dad has many siblings, and I love the tangible feeling of joy when they (and my cousins)all gather. Laughter and love abound.

It is quiet here, without my other two guys. Little Brother is not quite a year old yet, and as such, his conversational skills are somewhat lacking. I don’t mind, as it is rarely this quiet any more in my life. I don’t mind the noise, but it’s also very nice to just feel properly relaxed sometimes, and I don’t feel truly relaxed while the boys are screeching. It may be a joyful sound that makes my heart happier, but it’s a far cry from the spa (for instance). So we relax: I knit (or apparently blog), and Little Brother snow-gazes while playing with soft toys and honing his walking skills.

While I’m in the mood to surround myself with feelings of love and appreciation, I’m sipping on some “tea” of warm water and honey with coconut oil, Lemon essential oil, and Thieves essential oil blend stirred in. I love this spicy-sweet combination and find it very comforting. I’ve also got my diffuser going: a soothing combination of Lemon, Orange, Frankincense, and Ginger. I’ve applied Joy blend over my heart, and am going to spend the afternoon with my thankful thoughts.


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