Knit all the things!

Woohoo, the year is fresh and I am motivated! I mentioned knitting gifts throughout the year, and I began preparing for this by adding several patterns to my queue on Ravelry (lovely knitting and crocheting community website) last night. I’m looking forward to sharing my progress as the year passes, and ticking gifts off my list well before September.

Disclaimer: I did not make this graphic, I found it via Google.

For obvious reasons I’m not going to list all of them, and sometimes I’ll be quite vague if I want the gift to be a surprise. However, I know I’ll be doing a bunch of mug cozies for people who enjoy drinking coffee or tea, as well as some cowls because I love them, and finally attacking the thing I’ve wanted to make for several years but only tried once: socks. For whatever reason, I got stuck midway through the heel of my first sock attempt, and never tried it again! So sad! And I have a bunch of lovely sock yarn just begging me to use it. Therefore, I have determined that 2017 is the year I shall approach sock-making again. It really can’t be that difficult, and once I finally learned how to cable, I was upset that I hadn’t tried it earlier – this may be the case yet again.

One project I’m going to be doing throughout the year in the background of all the other ones will be the Beekeeper’s Quilt. It’s a really fun-looking pattern that entails making a million and a half (obviously not the real number) hexipuffs in whatever color and then sewing them together to form a quilt. It’s brilliant because you can do each puff fairly quickly, it has great portability, it’s highly customizable, and each puff being finished feels like it’s own little accomplishment (that kind of thing keeps me going when it comes to a big project like this). It’s also very easy to fix, as you can just remove the affected puffs should the need arise to replace them, as opposed to a whole quilt being ruined. So my plan is to make a queen-sized one for the boys to share. I’ll make a new one later when they want to each have their own, or take that one apart and make some new puffs so they can each have some of the original one in their own quilts. I’ll cross that bridge when it comes up in several years.

Another project, which I’m going to start this week, is a hat to match the boys’ yellow cabled pompom hats I made in October, for my husband! I probably won’t do the pompom for him; he’s not really much of a pompom guy. I’m also going to make one for myself, but in green. Family matching!

Okay, another goal for this year is to get to bed before 10pm, and I only have nine minutes to fulfill that tonight, so off I go!


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