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Healthy New Year!

I’m not big on “New Year’s Resolutions”. I do love goal-setting, and for me it’s a much more practical way to view the upcoming year. I enjoy making lists (which is a coping mechanism because I tend to forget things) and writing down my goals, because it helps to keep myself accountable and motivated. So now that we are down to the last couple of days in 2016, I’m setting my intentions and outlining my goals for 2017. Here are three things from my list, and why I am creating goals for them.

First, I need to get more sleep. This is probably the best thing I can do to improve my overall health right now, because I have found myself in a bit of a bad habit…staying up too late doing things I don’t want to do while the boys are awake. It’s good that I’m spending my time mindfully during the day, but I have to work on being mindful in the evening as well.

Second, stress reduction. This goes hand in hand with sleep, but still deserves its own point. Caring for small children comes with a particular sort of stress, which some people handle beautifully and some … just don’t. I always wanted to have children, but now that they’re here I have discovered I’m not a natural at “rolling with it”. I get stressed by things daily, so my goal for the coming year is to take a page (or several) from my Nana’s book. She raised eleven children, plus fostering some for the church, and is one of the most “un-ruffleable” women I know. Nothing seems to get her worked up, and if I could have even half of her grace under pressure, I’d feel pretty awesome. So I’m going to be chatting with her, using my essential oils intentionally, and remembering to pray when frustrated.

Third, I am going to work on Christmas gifts all year, instead of leaving my knitting for the last three months of the year. This is an intention I’ve had but not followed through with a few different times, and I know that public declaration will force my motivation to stick around. It also ties in with stress reduction; specifically fall/winter stress. Plus more photos and posts about knitting! Hooray!

How do you feel about resolutions? Do you have some goals for the coming year? Cheers – to our good health!


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