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Warning: mama rant

Can I just get up on my little soapbox for a minute? Thanks. Allow me to vent a bit about toxic chemicals and how we are surrounded by them. I was searching online for some cloth diapers for Little Brother recently, and noticed this little detail:

“Protective Qualities: Flame-resistant, Leakproof, Wrinkle-resistant, Waterproof”

The part that bothers me is the first one on the list. Why do I need to wrap my baby in toxic flame-retarding chemicals, particularly around his genitals? This has become such a pervasive “protective measurement” that many people aren’t even fully aware of how surrounded they are by these carcinogenic, endocrine-disputing nasties. They are in your sofa. They are in your soda. They are on your kid’s pajamas (many companies do not use them on snug-fitting pjs, which is helpful to know). They are on your (and your kid’s, and your baby’s) bathrobe. They are in your car. They are in your bed. They are in your bloodstream, your breastmilk, and so on, thanks to how much of your environment is saturated in them. Disgusted yet?

Thankfully, in June of this year, President Obama signed the Lautenberg Act, reforming the country’s 40-year-old Toxic Substances Control Act (an antiquated piece of work full of holes). This is promising. It is my hope that the Lautenberg Act will give us the good shove forward we need in safety and regulation of chemicals. Because our lives depend on it.

However, we have to stay vigilant. [This is where some people accuse me of overthinking and ask me whether my life is exhausting.] Look, I know we can’t protect ourselves from everything. But why be complacent when you have the means to equip yourself with knowledge? Because ignorance is bliss? Not in this case, people. This is when ignorance becomes a ticking bomb. Will it go off long after you’re gone? Or will you find yourself chronically (or deathly) ill, wishing you’d done a little more to stay on top of your lifestyle and health choices?

There are some who say “even too much water can kill you, so why worry so much”, but I would much prefer to know that at least I did my best, at the end of the day. No, it doesn’t make my life exhuasting. Being up all night with a teething baby is what exhausts me. Fighting for my family’s health by doing my best to prevent illness exhilarates me. It empowers me. I encourage anyone who has read this far to empower yourself and fight for your own wellness. You are so worth it.


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