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Seed to Seal, part 5

Let’s take a look at the last step in the Seed to Seal process: Seal. This is the part where all of the hard work comes together, and the painstaking attention to detail pays off. The end product is put into dark glass bottles to protect the essential oil from light, and all of the beautiful, beneficial goodness is ready to be shipped to you! Here’s Gary one more time…

I appreciate that my oils have only touched stainless steel or glass because it helps them to stay clean and pure, all the way from the extractor to my home. I’m going to take a moment right here to mention something very important: Young Living does not sell anything on Amazon. I use Amazon and appreciate it, but this is not the place to get your essential oils, folks. It is dangerous to buy “Young Living” oils on Amazon. Please take the brief minute and fifteen seconds to watch this video.

And with that, my friends, we have looked at the whole Seed to Seal process! Quite a commitment, right? Tomorrow I will end the series with some information about (and pictures of) Young Living farms around the globe. Stay tuned after the series for more general chatter about our lives and how the Bouchers are celebrating the holidays. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @makewayforbouchers !

Good words to guide a business by.
Yes, you can experience the Seed to Seal process by visiting a Young Living farm!

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