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A Snowy Day

“Brace for Brutal Cold: Arctic Blast Invades the US”

Well, it looks like the Northeast won’t be experiencing this particular “Arctic Blast”, but we did wake up to snow! Though it is forecast to warm up, I’m hoping the lovely frosted look doesn’t disappear as they predict. There’s something so beautiful about snuggling with my boys during a snowfall. Sometimes we read stories involving snow and surround ourselves with a big blanket; today we are just appreciating the scene outside our windows while playing. Big Brother has requested Little Pim: French while he plays with a cardboard box and some oversized blocks. I’ve got the books handy, but their imaginative playtime is allowing me to blog and knit for now.

Speaking of knitting, my latest project (and likely the last one before Christmas) is a double: two unicorn hats for hubby’s little cousins! They have requested turquoise and purple and both want rainbow manes. I’m doing my best to deliver fun yet functional hats for these darlings. If I have time when I’m done, I’ll make hubby a hat to match the cabled pompom-topped ones I made the boys. Otherwise, he can have it for his birthday.

What is your favorite thing to do on a snowy day? I feel our days of appreciating from inside will transition into days of bounding out into the fluff as soon as Little Brother can walk properly. I look forward to that, as well!


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