Knitting mistakes

Well folks, this is what happens when you decide to do some knitting while watching anime with your husband at the end of the day when you are tired. You get the kids to bed, and you think everything is going well as you do two hours of work on your project…only to discover the next day  that you have to rip out three inches of knitting and spend the baby’s rare two-hour nap fixing the mistake instead of finishing your project. [massive eye roll here]

Clearly, I need to refrain from watching things with subtitles.

So now I have located the error, figured out that I somehow made a stitch, and corrected it. I will hopefully be able to finish this soon, because it was intended to be a quick project! It’s called the “Gap-tasting Cowl”, and it is a free pattern I found on Ravelry (an online gathering place and fantastic resource for folks who love to knit and crochet). Done in the round on a circular needle in seed stitch, it’s simple yet elegant. I like how versatile it is: it can be draped around the shoulders, worn long like an infinity scarf, or doubled up around the neck. I’m not disclosing here who this is for in case she reads the blog.


The yarn I’m using is Patons Rumor, a blend of acrylic and alpaca. The color way is Hibiscus Heather.


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