I really do enjoy knitting. Almost as much as I enjoy reading and gardening. I find it relaxing and rewarding, especially when I learn a new “trick”, like the time I learned how to make bobbles for a special project, or when I learned how to cable. By the way, if you have learned how to knit but haven’t tried cabling yet, give it a go – I really wish I’d tried it sooner as it’s much less complicated and intimidating than I had thought!

The beginning of Big Brother’s possibly doomed hat.

The Christmas knitting is going fairly well. Both hats for the neighbors’ boys are finished. I’ve got my mother-in-law’s project on the needles and it’s looking lovely, but hit a snag with Big Brother’s: ran out of yarn and then discovered that the color had been retired! I’m hoping for a swap to happen with someone on Ravelry, but if that doesn’t work out, I will have to rip out half a hat and start over…not desirable. This just goes to show I need to do a few things: knit more often, work on assigning projects for the yarn already in my “stash”, and get new yarn!

Speaking of knitting more, I’ve got good reason to: it’s quite healthy! Check out this New York Times blog post if you don’t believe me. While the time is really starting to tick down, I think I’ll be fine for gifts as long as I don’t procrastinate. So off I go!

Next time: my first experience with a new feature on Amazon Prime: Fresh!


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