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Weekend adventure

We spent the weekend at Cape Cod with my father-in-law, and it was much wetter and windier than expected due to Matthew passing by, so with the exception of the evening we arrived, we were cooped inside. That evening was spent having a quick picnic dinner on the beach near a big bonfire supervised by the local fire department. The fire in question was actually slow to start, so at first it was just a lot of smoke. But as the sun set, the actual fire got going and it was nice, if chilly and windy.

We made good use of our Young Living oils, as Big Brother ended up super boogery and icky. Breathe Again got rolled onto his sinus vitaflex points, chest, and back. Thieves was diffused as well as applied to his feet. We kept him hydrated with coconut water and soup. Since we were away from home, I wasn’t quite as well equipped as usual, but this all worked well and he’s draining nicely. Today, I gave him a bath with Epsom salts infused with Lavender, as well as a bit of baking soda. It’s so good to get the nasty out with a nice soothing bath! ImmuPro chewable tablets have come in handy for almost the whole family (none for Little Brother; his steady diet of breastmilk is keeping him peppy and healthy).

Today, I sent hubby to work with some ImmuPro and am making him up some capsules because he didn’t get enough sleep over the weekend and I don’t want him to end up sick. My favorite blend for capsules in this situation is Thieves, Frankincense, Oregano, and Lemon. I’m also going to make good use of the broth stash and get that elderberry syrup spooned out all around. (Except for the baby. Don’t give honey to anyone under a year old, folks.)

Nature inspires learning for our family.

When we got home yesterday, we got a nice walk in before dinner for some fresh air. Ahh. It’s pretty gorgeous again, so today will also include a walk. I’ve been using Big Brother’s current interest in trees as a teaching opportunity while we are out, and we try to identify as many as we can by examining their leaves, bark, and seeds. We have also been making good use of the library, and I’m looking forward to some nature-inspired crafts to help with alphabet learning. I’m finding that he learns much like I do, which means he retains best when his interest is piqued. So instead of games to help him learn letters (which were causing us more frustration than they were worth), I’m pointing out letters in things that interest him. It feels a little slower to me, but I think it will be more effective long term.

Do you home [pre]school? What is your favorite way to incorporate learning?


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