natural health

Ready for the seasons

I’ve been building up our freezer supply of chicken broth ahead of the fall/winter seasons, and we just shopped today at our local health store for elderberries so I can make a batch of Elderberry Syrup. We are using Thieves on our feet also…and I applied some to Big Brother’s just now after we spent a couple of hours at our awesome local library. I also have a roller-bottle of oils that I blended specially for Little Brother’s feet since Thieves is a bit spicy yet for him. This blend is Frankincense, Lavender, Tea Tree, and Lemon in a base of organic extra virgin olive oil. I’ve stocked up on our wellness essential oils and NingXia Red to help support our immune systems. We have also begun drinking broth proactively. I really don’t want anyone to get sick if I can help it!

Jars of broth ready for soups or mugs are a beautiful thing to me.

We have also managed to get the boys properly on a bedtime schedule again (yay!), which I mentioned the other day. This has been great, but it does give me a bit of a crunch in the evening if I’m not managing my time well enough. I roasted chickens for the broth and somehow miscalculated the timing, so last night’s bedtime was put off a little, and it showed. They were ready and I was not. I put all other things aside and got them to bed. Tonight is leftover night, so bedtime should be right on schedule. I know that getting them properly rested each night will help a lot in terms of keeping them healthy, so I’m glad this is settled.

I’ve also been taking inventory of clothing, especially for Little Brother. He’s bigger than Big Brother was at the same ages, so I find myself sorting through clothes more frequently than I did the first time around. This whole winter prep thing takes way more orchestration now that I’m doing it for a family of four, somehow. The only thing left is to whip up some cozy hats for the boys and we will be ready for the snow to fly!



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