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There is no “I” in Mama

I said that to Big Brother today while he was making letters out of blocks because he exclaimed ‘Look, it’s an I! Like mama!’. He had been making the letter I and saying ‘I like I love you!’ which was adorable and accurate. After the phrase left my lips, I realized how true it can feel. Parenting can be so draining, even on the best days.

Today was a pretty good day. We got to the park for over an hour this morning and got grocery shopping (mostly) done. I even baked some pumpkin muffins before making dinner. Little Brother has been gleefully crawling all over the place and making happy noise. Last night, the boys actually had a great play session together that simply consisted of giggling, crawling around the living room, and squealing with joy. My mama heart was lifted by these sounds, and the fact that we have managed to get the boys to sleep (you read that right – not just in bed, but asleep!) by seven thirty for the past week. Ahh. I really need to figure out the best way to get him to stop whining, though.

For now, my “I” time is being carved out of my evenings, and it mostly consists of knitting due to the impending holiday season. I look forward to reading again, with a nice cup of tea by my side.



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