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Autumn is here!

Oh lovely Autumn!

Crisp air, hot cider, pumpkins.

My favorite season.

I had to write a haiku to show my joy for, and love of the season we have just entered. I have gotten two knitting projects under my belt and am about to launch into two more. Hooray! We have had a busy past several days with trips to the local park and time spent with family. September is drawing to a close, and it is time for warm cozy things to take over: sweaters, soft blankets to snuggle in, mulled apple cider, leggings and leather boots, hand knit hats, and cozy wraps to wear my baby in on our walks and park days.

Some of my favorite foods are best in Autumn; roast chicken and vegetables, butternut squash soup, pumpkin anything, hot spiced apple cider, pumpkin pie, apple pie, pot roast…I could go on. This is the time of year that I also make broth frequently (because I also consume it frequently). I’ve done two batches in the last week and a half, and will keep going to keep our supply stocked as we drink it, which we do during the fall and winter to support our immune systems.

Speaking of immune support, I also need to make a new batch of elderberry syrup, as I’m using the last of what we have now. I feel something coming on, so down the hatch! I add a drop of Thieves vitality to my spoonful (and to my tea). I’ve also applied Thieves and Oregano to my feet under my cozy socks, ate an ImmuPro tablet, and have been diffusing some powerhouse spices throughout the day (double duty: keeps nasties at bay and smells awesome). Here’s the blend in my diffuser: 3 drops of Nutmeg, 2 drops each of Ginger and Clove, 1 drop of Cinnamon Bark. Ahh.



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