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Eastern States Exposition

This year is the 100th anniversary of the Big E. This is an agricultural fair celebrating the New England states. It happens on weekends during September, and features a variety of food, vendors of an assortment of products, a showcase of animals, contests, some rides and amusements, horse shows and competitions, and the Avenue of the States. That would be the street lined by state houses; one for each New England state featuring vendors, visitor information, and food specific to that state.

We have been going every autumn since I was pregnant with Big Brother, and it’s become a bit of a tradition. I realized this morning that we had missed the bigger building of livestock, which means I missed out on the fiber area…alas. I would have been quite tempted to overspend on yarn, so perhaps that’s for the best anyway.

We did enjoy some of the food: huge baked potatoes topped with cheese, bacon, and chives; fresh cranberry juice from the Massachusetts building; homemade blueberry ice cream from the Maine building; lemonade and limeade; and fresh kettle corn. It’s difficult for me to eat at things like this as I have to be careful of gluten and cross contamination is very likely, so we stick with things that don’t involve gluten and eat a big breakfast before we leave in the morning.

It was a long day, and the boys were both great – Big Brother did a lot of walking, punctuated by shoulder rides by daddy, and Little Brother was very patient about spending so much time in the carrier, though by the end of our visit it was clear that he really wanted to get down and crawl. Hubby’s mother and sister were with us, so they got to enjoy some time with the boys as well. Overall a fun time was had by everyone, making a nice finale to the weekend.


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