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My little healer

A conversation Big Brother and I had today:

B: Mama, what are those? (Touches my lower earlobes.)

M: Those are holes for earrings.

B: If someone pulled on them, they would rip out and hurt you.

M: Yes. You remember when I explained that to you a while ago?

B: Yes. And you would bleed. (I reply yes.) And you would cry.

M: Yes, I probably would cry because it would be painful.

B: Mama, I would put peroxide on it, and essential oils, and healing salve, and a bandage!

M: Buddy, I hope that would never happen, but with you taking such good care of me, I would surely feel better very fast. (big hugs)

Yup, he definitely pays attention. He is certainly my sweet, caring kid. I am feeling very blessed right now. And after a challenging day, I appreciate his sweetness. Taking an hour-long walk on the wooded bike path was a great idea.


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