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Meatless Monday

Do you know a picky eater? Have one in your family? I do. I’m not talking about Big Brother, though – Mr. Almost Four does just fine with new foods and will eat nearly anything. It’s Mr. Thirty who gives me a hard time with meal prep. He won’t eat any type of seafood. He doesn’t like eggs. He’s not sold on the idea of breakfast for dinner, which Big Brother and I do enjoy sometimes (fun!)…and when he does eat breakfast, he only puts syrup on French toast – pancakes apparently don’t deserve maple awesomeness in his world, only butter. His quirky list goes on, but I’ll not bore you (or confuse you) with the details. Suffice it to say I have a lot to take into consideration when cooking, and meal planning is even more of a chore than usual in my home.

Today wasn’t supposed to be a Meatless Monday. I have nothing against the idea, I just had planned on using some chicken drumsticks I had in the fridge but they went bad before I was able to get to them. (Ugh, isn’t that the worst?!) So I checked our pantry and fridge and decided that I would do some Banza pasta and top it with veggie-loaded sauce. Now, I have posted before about gluten-free pasta, and I mentioned the one my husband will actually eat. There is another that Big Brother and I enjoy, which is the only one currently in our pantry (because it’s time to do a grocery shop); Banza. It’s made with chickpeas, has a low glycemic index, and packs a nice protein punch. Now I’m pretty certain it’s not Paleo-friendly, but we all tolerate it just fine, and it’s a fun substitute for wheat pasta when we feel like it.

To veg-ify our sauce, I puréed some carrots, zucchini, and kale, which I added to the tomato sauce. I also added a drop of Taste of Italy essential oil blend. Big Brother declared it “tasty!” and I liked it, but hubby only deemed it “okay”. Still, coming from him I’ll call that success. Big Brother’s contribution was to “supervise” me while we both kept an eye on Little Brother and the carrot he was teething on in the high chair so I could actually make dinner without listening to a crying baby. (It was one of those days in which he cried any time I left his line of sight. He also nursed a lot, so I’m thinking either another tooth or a growth spurt.)

Tomorrow is an errand day – groceries. And I think we might bake some zucchini bread; we have a lot of zucchini right now, and Big Brother loves to bake with me.


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