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Early to rise

My boys are early risers. They generally wake between six and seven every morning, and the day is “go, go, go” from then. Big Brother and I are breakfast people. My husband, not so much (though he does drink some NingXia Red). I really enjoy the ritual of breaking the fast with some eggs and fruit, perhaps a cup of tea, a little bacon on the side. This week, we have enjoyed a few cherry tomatoes from my mother-in-law’s garden alongside our eggs. Her garden has had a plentiful tomato crop this year, and we appreciate the extras that come our way.

Yesterday, we made use of a large zucchini from her garden, baking it into a batch of  brownies (indeed, and they are delicious!) and a dozen chocolate muffins. Big Brother really loves to be in there with me while cooking is happening. We still have another large zucchini to eat, though I’m thinking of making some sort of noodle-style dish with it to go with the leftover pasta sauce we need to eat. Speaking of pasta (and rice, which is basically the only grain I still eat), I’ve finally found a gluten-free pasta my husband will eat! Jovial makes a rice pasta that has a good texture which stands up well to cooking and can compete with our once-beloved wheat pasta. They also have einkorn pasta!

Einkorn is a beautiful ancient grain that is easier on your digestion due to having only fourteen chromosomes (compared with modern wheat’s forty-two) and a 2:1 ratio of gliadin to glutenin. This is great news for people who are trying to choose healthier grains to enjoy! Young Living also has several wonderful non-GMO Einkorn products, including granola and pasta! My boys are gluten-free with me, and I chose this to help set their bodies up for success…because I have an autoimmune disease, they are more likely to develop one, as it shows that our genes are susceptible to epigenetic changes that result in autoimmune issues. I may introduce einkorn when they’re a bit older to see how they tolerate it, but I haven’t decided yet.

Now we are going to enjoy a walk in this gorgeous, crisp autumn air before the day heats up. I love the smell of fresh cool air, and the sweater-in-the-morning days we are experiencing rejuvenate my spirit. I love to sip a mug of warm tea while strolling with my boys. Plus, the family that exercises together, stays healthy together!


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