Audiobooks may change my life

I knew our local library (which is lovely and close by) had e-books and audiobooks available to borrow online, but for some reason had never looked into it yet. We’ve only been here for almost a year. ::eye roll:: I suppose I do that a lot – not make use of resources until eons after I should have – but I’m glad that this morning after our walk, I decided to peek on the website. Big Brother and I enjoyed a bit of quiet time (this being relative, of course; while listening to an audiobook isn’t necessarily “quiet”, it is certainly quieter than Big Brother tromping around the living room roaring loudly while Little Brother tries to sleep on the other side of the wall in my bedroom), and I even got some more knitting done.

I now have a virtual hold on the first Harry Potter book, and I can hardly wait for it to become available. I’ve been reading them to Big Brother, but I can’t knit or snuggle/feed the baby while I’m reading aloud to him, and at nearly four years old, he’s quite active even while listening, so audiobooks might be key to our mutual contentment. I’ve found that anything that can facilitate both boys being happy makes my life much better right now.

This iPad was a gift, and at the time I thought it was frivolous and would never get much use, but these days I can keep it close and write or check on things quickly before going back to playing or cooking or what-have-you, which is certainly easier than running back and forth between my desktop and whatever I’m doing. Of course it’s not “necessary”, and some would argue it takes away from my life, but you could say that about many things in modern life and modern parenting. I just try to keep a good balance. And I never let the boys play with the iPad or my phone. Childhood is much too short to bog them down with such things before it’s necessary.

Speaking of which, I’m being summoned to help gas up a car built of cardboard blocks for the next adventure – see you later!


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