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Stay tuned…

Well, sickness hit us again. This time it was a stomach bug of some sort. I’m very thankful for DigizePeppermintPurificationThieves, and Lemon right now. Unfortunately, this little bout of nasty really knocked me out for a couple of days, and has slowly made the rounds. The aforementioned oils were applied to belly buttons, feet, diffused, and in one case (DiGize vitality), under the tongue. Be warned: that last suggestion is extremely effective, but also rather unpleasant to taste. Luckily, it worked very well despite the strong flavor and was actually a welcome part of my “keep the food and liquids down” regimen. You can always put it in a capsule, but I think it works faster directly under the tongue in cases when time is of the essence.

I’m prepping for a family trip this weekend today by doing All The Laundry. Between sheets being soiled and clothes being generally dirtied, I’ve got a few loads to do, which will keep me pretty busy this morning. I’ve got Purification and Lime in our diffuser right now, but will likely switch it up later. Once I get all the packing done, I’ll be glad for a moment to relax with my boys, who are both kind of wiped out still. Poor babies.

A few other things hubby picked up to help combat the dehydration that comes with stomach illness are coconut water, kombucha (once we were done being sick, this was a great probiotic thirst-quencher when alternated with water), soup, broth, and mineral water. I also made sure everyone has been getting their daily dose of nutrient-rich NingXia Red, which I’ll be posting about soon!

So stay tuned, there’s plenty more to come…just a bit of lag as we deal with the last of this round of “ick” and heal ourselves up in time for family fun. (Don’t worry, family: we are over it and combating the germs hard to keep you safe. And we will likely skip out on hugs this gathering, just to be safe.)


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