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Sleepy baby

For whatever reason, Little Brother has gone from being a great sleeper to the kind of baby who reminds you somewhat of a drunken friend who is staggering around while trying to assure you they’re “totally fine”. If I didn’t have another child to care for, this would be quite amusing – he crawls around moaning or whining, stops to sit up unsteadily while blowing raspberries with his eyes shut, then flops over and blindly scoots around some more…periodically breaking to try to nurse, either while on all fours or in some other difficult position. It is kind of funny, but also makes things rather hard on poor Big Brother and me during nap time.

Regarding bedtime…while we continue to co-sleep, I obviously can’t leave him on the bed while I finish my end-of-day stuff if he’s going to scoot around and try to sleep on top of the pillows. So I’ve been putting him in the pack ‘n’ play until I’m ready to sleep, at which point we snuggle in bed together as usual. I love sleeping with my children; there’s just something so precious about this time while they are small, and I want to soak up all the snuggles I can.

We still co-sleep with Big Brother as well; in fact, the arrangement is somewhat unusual for the time being, but it works for us. I sleep with Little Brother in our big bed while my husband sleeps with Big Brother in the double bed in his room. We will all co-sleep in the big bed when Little Brother is old enough that he can hold his own against the possibility of Big Brother attempting to take over the bed, which he does tend to do. At this point, it seems that day may come soon, as Little is now quite mobile and fairly solid in build. Ah, I do love those baby cheeks and thighs. For now, I’m going to chalk the new sleep-crawl/climb habit up to a growth spurt and teething.


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