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Family time

We visited with two of my lovely great-aunts last weekend and spent the day catching up with them; I hadn’t seen them in quite some time, my husband had only met them once, and neither of the boys had been introduced yet. Big Brother had a grand time playing dress up and discovering some charming old toys, as well as poking around the big old house and yard. The aunts were thrilled to spend some time with him, and everybody enjoyed seeing the baby as well.

This weekend was also full of family time. We visited with my mother in law both days, and it was great for the boys to spend time with her. Big Brother loves to check out her garden and play on the slide in the backyard. Yesterday we were at her house, but today we went to a local country fair. It was Big Brother’s third time going, Little Brother’s first, and I think he enjoyed it despite falling asleep. We saw goats, chickens, ducks, cows, horses, sheep, and pigs (apparently the thing our big boy was looking forward to the most). He watched a pig race, which was followed by a dachshund race, and later motocross. A good day overall, and both boys were exhausted by all the action.

I look forward to owning our own home and hosting family fun in our own backyard, having our own animals, et cetera. Since we don’t yet, we are enjoying the yards of family members and sending Big Brother off to be with Grampy for swimming fun (he’s got a pool) before summer ends. Ah, sweet summer…so soon we bid you farewell.


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