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Special moments

The other day, my husband asked Big Brother if he could have anything in the world that he could want, what would he have…and his answer was possibly the most adorable thing ever.

“Probably Mama.”

I was then showered with his affection in the form of kisses, hugs, and doe-eyed smiley gazes for the next five minutes. Excuse me while I go melt into a puddle.

Big Brother seems to enjoy going between driving me bonkers with his three-year-old way of ignoring me while making a terrific mess or pitching a tantrum, and taking me out with his utter sweetness the very next moment. It’s an exhausting time, and I know it’s fleeting. He is already so independent and inquisitive, so ready for adventure. And yet, thank goodness for babywearing.

Gentle hugs and snuggles make the exercise even better.

Yesterday evening, we took an hour-long walk with our upstairs neighbors. He walked for a while, but it had been a long day for him with swimming at Grampy’s and only a 45-minute nap, so when he asked me to wear him, I was happy to do so. Big Brother doesn’t ask for this much any more, and I was filled with joy by the snuggles.

We are hoping to do another walk this afternoon/evening, and I’m looking forward to the possibility of more wrap snuggles from either of the boys. Yesterday was Little Brother’s first time in the stroller, and he thoroughly enjoyed the new perspective. I like that they can switch between stroller and wrap now and each enjoy a variety of vantage points. Soon, Little Brother will be ready for back carries. I know he will love it because he is very eager to see what’s going on around him, and seeing over my shoulder will be quite interesting!

I love wearing my children. It makes for great bonding, and in many cases it allows me to get more done without having to abandon a small baby or child who needs me in that moment. (I say “abandon” because I’m sure that’s how they feel if I have to leave them in a pack and play while they cry just because I also have to prepare dinner or check the laundry.) Sometimes you just have things you need to be doing, but at the same time, your child really needs you in a way they can’t explain. I firmly believe in showing them how to comfort themselves by example, and allowing them to learn what it is to take that feeling within themselves and create it on their own when they are ready.  As The Beatles sang: all you need is love.

Wearing my babies since 2013

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