“They grow so fast”

That phrase is one of the most common statements about babies and small children, and with good reason; it is quite true. Human babies generally triple their birth weight by the end of their first year. This is a time of many milestones reached and celebrated; the first time they roll over, their first tooth, from crawling to walking, babbling to talking – the first year (or two, to be fair) can be such a whirlwind. At once joyous and challenging, this is a vital time to bond and enjoy each other.

Little Brother is just about six months old now, and I just switched his clothes up to the next age bracket. I feel a mixture of emotions when this happens; joy because my baby is thriving, sadness because the special and unique newborn days are solidly behind us, nostalgia when I come across a special outfit both of my boys have worn. I know we aren’t planning to add to our family for a couple of years, so I took extra care in folding up the newborn through “3-6 months” clothes and packing them away.

I feel very blessed to be at home with my children. Though it’s actually a necessity because child care is so expensive, it doesn’t make sense for me to work outside the home right now. I remember when Big Brother was twelve weeks old and I went back to work – it was hard for me to leave him. I was glad that we had family who were able to watch him for us instead of putting him into a daycare with strangers, but I was still emotional about it. This didn’t last very long because we ended up moving when he was about nine months old, and since then he has had a parent home with him. [We have moved five times in the past four years, and due to child care expenses we have not both worked at the same time since then.] But memories of those six months of not being with my sweet boy for hours at a time make me appreciate being able to be fully there for both of them now.

At three and a half, Big Brother is still growing up too fast for my liking (no, I don’t expect that to ever change), so on a day like today when Little Brother is asleep and my singing skills are requested for the board book Teddy Bears’ Picnic, I gladly snuggle right in. Two rounds of this delightful song, one read-through of Snug As A Bug, and several hugs and kisses later, I’m on the couch blogging while keeping an eye and ear on the monitor, which is switching between both sleeping babes. Life is good. (And now that I’ve finished this thought, I’ll go snuggle Little Brother some more.)


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