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Watermelon days

Summer, your days are numbered. We don’t have anyone school-aged yet, so I can stretch it out a bit, but I know the days of crunchy leaves and sweaters will soon be upon us. I can’t help but get a little excited – Autumn has always been my favorite season – though I do want to enjoy the rest of Summer while we can. Fresh produce in abundance is why the end of Summer is fabulous.

Big Brother requested watermelon for breakfast. He’s still getting his usual eggs and bacon with some banana and sunflower seed butter, but the fresh cold watermelon I scooped into little spheres and put into jars in the refrigerator is undeniably the cherry on top today. His super-sized smile lifts my heart and makes my morning.

Fresh watermelon chilled in jars makes for a very easy crowd-pleaser here.

August is a funny month. Depending on where you live, kids might have started school again, or they could have the whole month ahead of them yet. Up here in the Northeast, Summer is still in session, but I have friends in the Deep South who are back at it already. I’m not sure what the future holds as far as schooling…will we send them to public school? Will we homeschool? It’s something I have been pondering since Big Brother was born.

The end of Summer puts me into a strange frame of mind. I end up between the sunshine-happy Summer thoughts and the meditative Autumn nostalgia that kicks in when I start to see foliage turning. I get a little antsy toward the end of Summer, truth be told. I would be happy if Autumn lasted several months, and I revel in thoughts of crisp morning walks, warm tea, soft layers of cozy clothes, and that amazing scent of Autumn air. Yes, I am a New Englander through and through.


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