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Above the wellness line

Well, the past week certainly got away from me. I caught whatever the boys had, and my body succumbed basically the morning after I thought to myself that they seemed out of the woods. It’s easy to slack off just enough in your self-care that once your ailing child/spouse/loved one is better, your own body reminds you (sometimes ungently) that support is pretty crucial while you’re in the fray. Alas. Lessons hard learned. I didn’t want to post while in the midst of figuring out what my body needed to be well and bore everyone with the back-and-forth of trying this and that. In the end, I believe that adding Rosemary vitality to my usual “get me vibrant again” capsule and steaming with Rosemary and Tea Tree is what did the trick. Hooray!

Encapsulation is a big part of my self-care and approach to feeling under the weather. I like to make capsules of Mineral Essence because the flavor is a bit overwhelming for me. I will make up a capsule for myself of my husband if we need an oil that doesn’t taste great but will be helpful (I’m looking at you, Thieves vitality and DiGize vitality). And when I’m feeling the need for an immune system pick-me-up, this is what I put in my capsule: Thieves, Lemon, Oregano, and Frankincense vitality oils. Apparently this time I needed to add Rosemary vitality to the party.

The steam treatment was also pretty rad. I had some really annoying sinus pressure and congestion, so the neti pot wasn’t an option at that point. But a bit of nice hot water, some sea salt, some Rosemary and Tea Tree oils, a towel to keep the steam around my head…and I was opening up those sinuses in no time. Ahhh. Big Brother thought it was pretty amusing, and kept trying to stand between my legs and the table so he could look up at the action. I used this opportunity to explain that our ears, nose, and throat are connected and to keep them all well, we need to treat them all with good care. I also did a warm salt gargle, which got some good giggles.

Today will be a double post day, since it’s been a week between this and the last. Stay tuned for my next post, during which I will feature something very helpful I keep in my home during the fall and winter months to keep my family above the wellness line!



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