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Hot, hot, cold

*Before I say anything, let me begin with a disclaimer: this is a blog. I am not a doctor. I don’t try to play one here, this is just my place to share what has worked for myself and my family. Please, if you are dealing with a similar situation, follow your instincts and do what works for you and yours. Seek medical advice from a professional when necessary.* Okay, now that you’ve been reminded…

This week began with a fever. Big Brother’s. After about 32 hours, plenty of rest, an endless supply of coconut water, and some lovely essential oils, his fever broke and we let out a collective sigh. He has only had four fevers in his life as of now. During the first one, I let myself panic and it became quite an ordeal (and a memory I wince at, now). Since then, we have treated them differently, and everyone has been better for it. The oils I used for Big Brother were: Thieves and Lemon on his feet with a carrier oil, Thieves and  Lemon in the diffuser for the benefit of everyone, Peppermint with a carrier oil on his forehead and nape of neck when I wanted to bring the heat down for his comfort.

Let me link here to a blog post by a friend of mine. She does a great job of explaining why we should not panic when little bodies heat up. I know that both of my guys have come through this with better equipped immune systems, and I’m thankful for that. I just wish it weren’t so exhausting during the process.

Two days after the end of Big Brother’s fever, Little Brother came down with his first-ever fever. I treated this one differently, as he is both a different person and a smaller one. I prayed a lot this week, but the biggest spike in prayer activity was when Little Brother was going through his fever. Luckily, my father-in-law had already planned to take Big Brother for the day when this fever struck. I was therefore able to focus myself entirely on my little guy and we spent the whole day in bed, nursing and sleeping and (on his part – so sorry, little one!) being poked in the butt by a digital thermometer. I did call the doctor to let her know and see what she had to say, and the general advice was to continue monitoring his behavior and maybe do a tepid bath. He was still cracking a big smile when I did “peek-a-boo”, so I wasn’t alarmed, just the general type of worried you get when your child is unwell. His fever lasted about 14 hours. Because it was his first, it took some trying to figure out what his body wanted as far as oils. In the end, though I know they all were helpful, the ones I reapplied the most were: Lemon and Lavender on his feet with carrier oil, Copaiba in belly button with carrier oil, Peppermint heavily diluted in carrier oil in belly button. I also anointed him with an immunity blend I had previously made up in a roll-on, which contains Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon and Tea Tree. We did a lot of skin-on-skin snuggling.

Yesterday and today have been full of nose-blowing and napping, but no more fevers. Big Brother has some sort of cold, and Little Brother is teething and drooling all over. I’ve been wearing him a lot and trying to help him relax, as well as applying (diluted and blended) Clove and Copaiba vitality oils to his gums when needed. This has all been very exhausting to me, and I’ve been doing whatever I can to keep myself supported so I don’t get sick as well. Thieves and Lemon on my feet, plenty of water, sleeping when I can, prayer, Copaiba Vitality under my tongue, Peppermint on my right temple last night when I developed a bad headache, and a rejuvenating shower yesterday evening when hubby got home from work.

In Big Brother’s room, I’ve been diffusing Lavender and Eucalyptus Globulus. Since he’s been snotty, I’ve been applying my own essential oil vapor rub to his chest and back under his pajamas. This blend is in fractionated coconut oil base and has R.C., Raven, Peppermint, Lemon and Thieves. In our living room/kitchen area, it’s been Thieves and Lemon all week, but with all the fussiness today, I did Joy and Lemon. In my bedroom (Little Brother co-sleeps), I’ve had a variety of things during the week; Frankincense and Lemon, Thieves and Lemon, Lavender and Cedarwood, and Peace & Calming.

Whew. I’ll be glad to put this week behind me and get back to wellness maintenance and support.


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