Cooking up some fun

Big Brother enjoys helping in the kitchen. At three, this doesn’t mean much in the way of actual help yet, but I think it’s important to fuel his desire to learn and participate. We have a step stool that he uses to observe, and for some ingredients I let him take part in the activity. I even got him a kid-sized apron a while ago, which is the icing on the cake for me because it looks adorable on him.


One of our favorite things to cook together is breakfast. We are gluten free, and I have gone mostly dairy-free while nursing Little Brother (I’ve found hard cheese and yogurt are okay), so our recipes are a bit different from the ones I grew up with. We love pancakes or waffles with sausages, eggs and bacon, fresh fruit, “porridge“, omelets, and smoothies. I usually ask him what he wants for breakfast; he’s been on a ‘bacon with eggs over-easy and fruit in the side’ kick lately.

Sidebar: When I first went gluten-free, I found it difficult to give up oatmeal as it was one of my favorite breakfast foods, especially during winter. The recipe I linked to soothes the cravings a bit, though of course it’s not exactly the same. Giving up oatmeal was a choice I made to avoid cross-contamination issues, and because oats are generally cross-reactive…what this means is that they can elicit the same autoimmune response as gluten in my body, causing my thyroid harm again. As I’ve learned more about epigenetics, I’ve found I can use gluten-free oats (they have to be grown away from wheat and tested to ensure cross-contamination hasn’t occurred) as long as my body has healed enough that my immune system is no longer on high alert. This is something I highly encourage others with autoimmune disease to research on their own if they want to work on using dietary adjustments as a tool in their wellness belt. Working with your healthcare professional is important, and you should certainly find one who will work with you, especially if you want to go the “alternative” route.

One of our recent fun cooking adventures was making pancakes with the new True Grit Gluten-Free Pancake and Waffle Mix from Young Living. After the waffle experience, I wanted to see how pancakes held up…and they were wonderful. (I’m still unsure what happened with the waffles, and the only thing I could have done is forget the baking powder, so perhaps that was it.) We topped them with a small dollop of organic blueberry preserves, but I think if I could have butter right now, I would have enjoyed them just as much with simply the butter on top.

Do you have any special memories associated with making breakfast? Feel free to share in the comments!


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