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Ah, summer heat. Normally, we love going to the park or taking walks when it’s lovely outside. But we aren’t going out today…it is barely 10am and it’s already 81 degrees and over 60% humidity. I don’t like to spend much time in weather like this, let alone bring my kids into it. [By the time I finished writing and hit “publish”, it was nearly 90.]

“But what are you going to do to keep yourselves from going crazy, stuck inside all day?”

Well, when I was pregnant with Little Brother, I made a $25 investment (Amazon) that has been worth every penny. I bought a mini trampoline. There are many benefits to using a rebounder, and for a pregnant mom with a very active toddler during the winter, it was great. I didn’t want to go for walks on the icy sidewalk and my husband wasn’t keen on the idea, either. I would encourage our silly boy to bounce whenever he needed to get out excess energy…when he was whiny, or trying to run around inside, or when he wasn’t tired enough for my liking an hour before bedtime. He still loves the trampoline, and it is small enough that we just keep it propped against the wall and he can guide it down to the floor and jump whenever he wants. Win-win.

Since having the baby and recovering from that enough to begin exercise again (Little Brother’s birth story may be another post at some point), I’ve started to enjoy the rebounder for myself as well. We like to put Pandora on the Family Folk Songs station and jump while singing. I’ve also been doing exercises to tone up my abdominal muscles after learning that I had a bit of diastasis recti. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a fitness fanatic, but I do enjoy showing my boys that being active is important. I encourage movement as much as I can, and the only times I think I ever tell him to stop is when he’s eating or if he’s on a bed.

We like to incorporate essential oils into our daily life and fitness is no exception. Young Living has a wonderful kit geared toward supporting your body while you stay active. In addition to this, there are plenty of oils to diffuse to support a positive mood throughout your day…my favorites are Joy and Believe. I don’t diffuse them together, but these two blends are just lovely and I always feel a bit more smiley when my home smells like one of them. Enjoy your Friday, and whatever you’re doing this weekend, I hope it contributes to your health and happiness!



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