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Manger ces poissons!

Big Brother really makes me laugh. The other day, he approached me with a handful of triangle Magnatiles, asked “Would you like some pizza?” and immediately answered for me “Sure you would! It’s fish pizza!” I like to encourage creativity in all forms, so I just said “Oh wow, fish pizza!” and his face lit up while he proclaimed it to be “a good idea” and “that sounds delicious”. His enthusiasm is precious, and I hope I never squash it by saying something lame and parent-y.


A few days later, while I was nursing Little Brother, we were interrupted by a cascade of fabric fish and the declaration that we needed to eat these fish. I have no idea where the fish fixation is coming from…my husband doesn’t eat seafood so I rarely cook it. I decided to make a teaching moment out of this, and taught him how to say “fish” in French. We then counted our school of poissons and made fishy lips at each other (well, he tried but hasn’t gotten the trick down yet).

I love moments like this…giggles and belly laughs and being silly. I also end up thinking of my high school French teacher, Mr Danforth. He passed several years ago, and I hope that he is smiling when I sing to my children the little songs he taught us in school. I don’t recall him teaching us any songs involving fish, but one of Big Brother’s favorites is “Aux Champs-Élysées”, which does involve water. A stretch of a connection, I know, but I end up thinking of Mr Danforth often as I try to keep my own French alive and foster an appreciation for it in my boys.

So here’s to silliness and learning and nostalgia. À bientôt!


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