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Let’s talk about a special line of essential oil blends Young Living has formulated just for children. It’s called Kidscents, and they are must-haves for folks with littles in the house!

KidScents Marketing Flyer

I love these because they are pre-mixed with carrier oil, making them very easy to use any time, but especially on the go. I do add a little more carrier to use with Little Brother since he’s so small. TummyGize is always with us, and actually works just as well as DiGize for my husband! I discovered this last month and was pleased because this means I only have to carry TummyGize with us when we are out since it works for everyone and can just keep DiGize at home.

I don’t have the full collection yet, but I am looking forward to trying each of them and seeing what is best suited to which people and situations in our family. As I’ve said before, when working with essential oils, it’s good to keep an open mind because they interact with each person’s chemistry a little differently. A good way to keep track (especially when dealing with a family versus just yourself) is to keep a notebook or binder of some sort in which you can record what you tried for whom in which kind of situation. You’ll have a handy record of what works and what doesn’t for future reference!

Try some of these little gems for your family – it will be that much easier to keep calm and oil on.


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